Surface lift LVH

The LVH surface lift is designed to transport skiers on medium and long routes up to 2000 m. The surface lift is suitable for straight or angled tracks.

The surface lift is equipped with detachable single-seater towing devices with damping at the beginning of the ride. The telescopic hangers are stored in a hopper at the drive station, and are attached to the transportation rope by touching the skier and opening the gate after the green light on the traffic light. The hanger of aluminum construction has an anatomical shape and a plate PVC surface.

In case the track is bent, the track supports and equipment are adapted for a specific bend / curvature in the track. The drive, return station and track supports are anchored in the concrete foundations.

Maximum transport capacity 1000 persons per hour
Maximum transport speed 3,5 m/s
Maximum length 2000 m
Engine power 22 - 110 kW
Rope diameter 12 - 18 mm
Line gauge 3,5 m
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