Surface lift LVN

Surface lifts with low level of transportation rope type LVN are designed especially for beginners (children and adults). This type of surface lift is used for ski training, as well as to shorten the distance between other surface lifts and chairlifts.

The surface lift is equipped with single-seater carriers fix gripped to the transportation rope. The steel structure carrier has an anatomical shape and a PVC surface.

The surface lift is equipped with an electric safety device that switches off the drive unit in case of tensioning power decline.

Simple assembly or disassembly allows the lift to be stored out of season. Operation and maintenance is easy.


Drive station anchored to the ground
Return station anchored to the ground
Drive unit down (top) station
Tensioning system down (top) station
Hauling/ pulling side Optional
Maximum length 200 m
Maximum transport capacity 500 persons per hour
Transportation speed 1,4 m/s
Engine power 4 kW
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